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Types of Trade Promotion Tools in B2B Commerce

Types of Trade Promotions

Your loyal patrons will love the exclusivity, and you could gain a lot of sales out of it. For example, on National Pound Cake Day, BirchboxMan ran a promotion to entice people to “gift” a Birchbox subscription. RTA Cabinet Store, did when trying to decide on what promotion to offer. Once they have the perfect match, shoppers can select the “try before you buy” option, and they’re given 14 days to try the product for themselves. If they don’t love their purchase, they can send it back before the 14 days are up. If they’re happy with it, they can keep the foundation and IL MAKIAGE will charge them for the full amount. Check out our page for Advanced Promotion Options so you can learn more about how you can implement multi-save and conditional promotions.

  • There are options out there to help with creating terms and conditions, such as Promotion Wizard which allows you to generate compliant terms and conditions within 24 hours.
  • Contests create friendly competition and gets people interested in winning.
  • The first and foremost reason is to expand the customer base—the businesses that buy and sell your products.
  • These displays allow products to be prominently presented, often in high customer traffic areas (e.g., near front entrance), and thereby increase the probability the product will standout.
  • Businesses can use trade promotions in various ways, including providing samples at the point of sale, setting up booths at conventions, and sending sample packages to target consumers.
  • It’s all about drawing attention to the product inside the store to encourage impulse buying.
  • Possible prize ideas include, money, vacation trips, products, or other managed trade promotions services.

If two brands that already have an established equity, endorse each other, the likelihood of success even beyond regular advertising stands a good chance. The Godrej-Titan promotional tie-up that was carried out in November 1993, is a case in point. But competitions, like any form of sales-promotion, have their limitations.

Point-of-Purchase Displays

Sales contests effectively increase consumer interest in your products and get them more engaged with your company. They can be done in-store or online, and they incentivize customers to buy more of your product than they originally planned or purchase products that they might not have considered before. Bill-backs are trade promotions settled by a customer chargeback deducted from a payment usually not related to the original invoice. Bill-backs cause most problems for the manufacturer because of retailer charging errors and the complexity of reconciling them to the deals.

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From percentage discounts and “dollars off” to BOGO and free shipping, there’s are several promotion types you could try. Seasons aren’t just about the changing weather and fashion cycles. The back-to-school season is another trade promotion Types of Trade Promotions timing to think about. CPG companies should view TPM as a critical part of their RGM planning as well as a dynamic investment opportunity. And it’s also important validate that your retailers performed correctly according to each deal.


Getting this full level of attention is the hardest part of product marketing, but the best way to maximize purchase probability. To show a channel partner’s customers how products work and answer any questions they might have. In many retail grocery stores, coupons are given to consumers with the samples. Calculating trade spend ROI is not always a straightforward task. The most common method is to calculate the incremental sales lift, which measures the difference in sales during the promotion period compared to a similar period where there was no promotion.

Promotions that offer customers a reward, such as price discounts and free products, for frequent purchasing or other activity are called loyalty programs. These promotions have been around for many years but grew rapidly in popularity when introduced in the airline industry as part of frequent-flyer programs. A coupon is a certificate that fetches buyers a saving when they purchase a specified product. Coupons are designed- to introduce a new product to promote the sale of an established product, to sell a product in large sizes to stimulate customers to switch brands; and to encourage repeat sales. Firms may offer contests to attract customers by offering substantial cash or merchandise price cuts. Naturally, the brands which provide in-shop demonstrators to retailers and dealers have the upper hand as compared to brands which cannot sponsor such demonstrators.

Do I need a trade promotion permit in Tasmania?

This option is most suitable for companies looking to increase their sales. If a trade promotion does not comply with the relevant rules and regulations of the state or territory, there is risk of significant fines and other penalties. Competition terms and conditions are an important feature of any promotion. While running a promotion is a great way to engage with your audience, if terms and conditions are not correctly written and shared it could also cause complications and lead to penalties. Legislation requires all trade promotions to have accurate terms and conditions attached and readily available. There are options out there to help with creating terms and conditions, such as Promotion Wizard which allows you to generate compliant terms and conditions within 24 hours. Yes, however permits are no longer required to conduct a promotion with a prize pool of $10K or under in NSW.

Types of Trade Promotions

The benefit of this approach is that customers who shop will automatically earn credit toward a free gift, helping to move more inventory. If you can, try to populate the items available for free as part of the customer’s shopping experience. One of your channels is not hitting its sales or traffic goals. Building a solid crisis management team and crisis communication strategy is key to business continuity. Learn about different types of crisis comms and how to tackle each one successfully. A referral program helps reward people who send business your way. A report from Kantar Media showed that 93% of respondents trust friends and family recommendations more than they trust advertising (a mere 38%).


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