CCMUSA – Câmara de Comércio Moçambique USA

Mozambique’s Elections

The United States congratulates the people of Mozambique on their participation in the general elections held on October 15, 2019 and acknowledges the results that were certified by the Constitutional Council on December 23, 2019.  We look forward to strengthening our longstanding bilateral relationship by working with President Filipe Jacinto Nyusi as he begins his new term in office and with the people of Mozambique in pursuit of stability, economic development, and increased prosperity.

The United States notes that opposition parties, civil society groups, and election observers have made credible allegations of significant election-related fraud and intimidation.  These irregularities raise concerns about Mozambique’s commitment to free and fair elections.  We urge Mozambican authorities to fully address the serious concerns raised by observer missions in order to reinforce respect for the rule of law and good governance.

The next five years promise to be a transformational period for Mozambique.  The challenge ahead is to ensure that this transformation benefits all Mozambicans.  Achieving that shared objective will require consolidating the peace realized on August 6, implementing reforms that promote transparency, and ensuring that all stakeholders are represented and can fully exercise their roles in Mozambique’s democracy.


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